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The Bird Cage Boutique offers the finest selection of stylish bird cages for your companion birds. Select from our spacious and decorative bird aviaries and bird cages to keep your feathered friends safe.


We offer premium quality bird cages made of the toughest materials. They also come in many sizes depending on what your pet bird needs.


Bird aviaries are the perfect home to multiple birds. They are spacious enough to let your pet birds exercise and spread or flap their wings.


Large bird cages come with many benefits. Apart from giving your pets plenty of space, they can be easier to clean and include more security features.

High-quality bird cages

You can trust the quality of our bird cages that will surely give comfort to your pets. It’s great to invest in a safe home for your feathered friends whether for your indoor or outdoor space.

We offer great discounts on our products so you will surely find quality cheap bird cages within your budget. If you’re looking to buy a bird cage, browse from our store today and shop online with ease in the comfort of your home.


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The Bird Cage Boutique also offers excellent customer support. We have a dedicated team that is committed to giving you a wonderful experience shopping at our online store. We also have a dedicated team that is ready to assist you in choosing a bird cage and answering your queries.

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The Bird Cage Boutique has an impressive selection of small, medium, and large bird cages for sale. They come in many styles, colours, and sizes and are shipped safely and quickly to all parts of Australia. The Bird Cage Boutique is a trusted supplier of bird cages in Australia.

We deliver nationwide, carefully packaging, handling, and processing your items for transit to make sure that they reach you in the best condition.


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Frequently asked questions

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While some people think that a small bird needs a small bird cage, we must remember that birds need space for playing, exercising and flying, so choosing a big cage is always a good decision. You should also consider what type of pet bird you have because it will also indicate which size of cage you should get. Some types of birds are not comfortable with an open space while others love the extra space. 

At least one side of the bird cage must be put up against a wall to give your pet bird a sense of security. However, the most ideal placement of a bird cage would be in a corner with two walls. Make sure not to place it in front of a window, since other animals outside your home can frighten your pet bird. 

Pet birds love resting in their cages however, they would also need some active time outside of their cage for at least a few hours to exercise and interact. This will be good for their physical and mental health.

It depends on the size of your pet birds. 20 feet by 40 feet aviary can hold up to 40 pairs of small songbirds and 30 feet by 50 feet aviary can hold up to 60 pairs of small songbirds.

A bird cage should have bedding, litter or paper on the floor to make cleaning easier. If using paper, the covering should be changed every day. If using litter, it should be raked every day and changed once a week.

It’s good to place your bird cage facing the direction of the sun so they get to enjoy it during the mornings. However, this also depends on where your home is located. If you’re living in a sunny area, make sure to place your outdoor bird cage or aviary somewhere your pet birds can cool off during the hot hours. 

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A single budgie can fit a standard cage measuring 12x18x18 inches. For two birds, you’ll need to double the size of their cage in case you’ll be adding toys and for extra flying space.

It is not recommended to keep your pet bird in a cage that is too small. It can cause your pet to scream, bite, and develop psychological orders and bad habits such as feather plucking. You should have a bird cage that is spacious enough for your pet to walk on comfortably and fully extend its wings.

Aviaries are large enclosures with larger living spaces compared to cages. When choosing between a cage and aviary it is important to consider the number of birds you will have, the weather conditions in your location and the kind of birds that you will have. 

It is important for an aviary to be well ventilated so that your pet birds can have a breath of fresh air. If they can’t be exposed to direct sunlight, make sure they can get natural sunlight. Also, make sure that your aviary has a place for fresh food and water supply. 

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